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how to make a group chat on character ai

Creating a group chat with character AI or AI-driven chatbots typically depends on the specific platform or application you are using to interact with the AI. Below, I’ll provide a general outline of how you might create a group chat with character AI:

1. Choose a Platform:

  • Select a platform or application that supports character AI or chatbots. Popular options include chat applications, virtual assistant apps, or AI-driven chatbot platforms.

2. Access the AI Service:

  • Open the chosen platform or application and access the AI service you want to interact with.

3. Start a Conversation:

  • Begin a conversation with the character AI by sending your initial message or query.

4. Add Participants:

  • To create a group chat, you typically need to invite or add participants to the conversation. This process can vary depending on the platform.
  • In some cases, you might need to use a specific command or keyword to initiate a group chat. For example, you could type something like “add [username]” or “invite [username]” to invite a specific user.

5. Interact in the Group Chat:

  • Once you have added participants, you can engage in a group chat with the character AI and other users. Messages sent by participants will be visible to everyone in the group.

6. Use AI-Driven Features:

  • Depending on the capabilities of the character AI, you can use various AI-driven features within the group chat. This might include asking questions, receiving recommendations, or interacting with the AI’s character.

7. Follow Platform-Specific Instructions:

  • Be sure to follow any platform-specific instructions or guidelines for creating and managing group chats with character AI. These instructions may vary depending on the platform’s interface and capabilities.

8. Customize the Experience (If Available):

  • Some character AI or chatbot platforms allow you to customize the AI’s appearance, personality, and responses. Explore these customization options to enhance your group chat experience.

9. Review Privacy and Security Settings:

  • Check the privacy and security settings of the platform to ensure that your group chat is configured as desired. You may want to control who can join the group or access the chat.

10. Enjoy the Interaction: – Engage in conversations and enjoy the interaction with the character AI and other participants in the group chat.

Please note that the specific steps and features for creating group chats with character AI can vary depending on the platform or application you are using. Always refer to the platform’s documentation or help resources for detailed instructions tailored to your chosen service.