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how to make a padme costume

Creating a Padmé Amidala costume from the Star Wars universe can be a fun and creative project. Padmé has several iconic outfits in the series, so you can choose the one you like the most. Here’s a general guide to making a Padmé costume:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Reference Images: Gather reference images of the specific Padmé Amidala outfit you want to recreate. This will help you with details and accuracy.
  2. Fabric:
    • Depending on the costume, you may need different types of fabric, such as silk, satin, or cotton, in the appropriate colors.
    • Consider purchasing a costume pattern to make sewing easier.
  3. Sewing Supplies:
    • Sewing machine (or hand-sew if you prefer).
    • Thread in matching colors.
    • Needles, pins, and scissors.
    • Measuring tape.
    • Hook and eye closures, buttons, or snaps as needed.
  4. Accessories:
    • Shoes: Find appropriate shoes or boots that match the costume.
    • Jewelry: Padmé often wears intricate jewelry, so consider crafting or purchasing accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
    • Belts, sashes, or other costume-specific accessories.
  5. Wig or Hair Accessories:
    • Depending on the hairstyle of the particular Padmé outfit, you may need a wig or hairpieces.
  6. Makeup:
    • Makeup in the style of Padmé’s look, including subtle but elegant makeup with defined eyes and lips.
  7. Blaster (Optional):
    • Some Padmé costumes may include a blaster, depending on the outfit’s context. You can purchase a toy blaster to complete the look.


  1. Choose Your Padmé Look: Decide which Padmé Amidala costume you want to recreate. Options include her Queen Amidala, Padmé Skywalker, or Senator Amidala outfits, among others.
  2. Pattern and Fabric:
    • Find or purchase a sewing pattern that matches the chosen costume.
    • Select the appropriate fabric colors and textures based on your reference images and the pattern instructions.
  3. Cut and Sew:
    • Follow the pattern’s instructions to cut and sew the costume pieces together. Pay attention to details, as Padmé’s outfits often have intricate designs and embellishments.
  4. Accessories and Jewelry:
    • Craft or purchase any necessary accessories and jewelry. These can add authenticity to your costume.
  5. Wig or Hair:
    • Style your hair to match Padmé’s hairstyle for the chosen outfit, or use a wig or hairpieces to achieve the look.
  6. Makeup:
    • Apply makeup to achieve Padmé’s signature look. Study reference images to get the makeup style right.
  7. Assemble the Costume:
    • Once all costume elements are ready, put them together to create the complete Padmé Amidala look.
  8. Try it On:
    • Put on the costume, accessories, wig, and makeup to ensure everything fits and looks accurate.
  9. Final Touches:
    • Make any final adjustments or alterations to the costume as needed.

Remember to have fun with the process and pay attention to details to create an authentic Padmé Amidala costume. Additionally, you can find online communities and forums dedicated to cosplay and Star Wars where you can get tips and advice from fellow costume enthusiasts.