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how to make a rare candy in pixelmon

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft that adds Pokemon-related content to the game. In Pixelmon, you can’t craft Rare Candies in the traditional Minecraft crafting sense. Rare Candies are typically obtained through gameplay, and their primary function is to level up your Pokemon by one level when used on them. Here are some common ways to obtain Rare Candies in Pixelmon:

  1. Loot Drops: Rare Candies can sometimes be found as loot drops in various structures and dungeons throughout the Minecraft world. Explore and search these locations to find Rare Candies.
  2. Trainer Battles: In Pixelmon, you can battle other trainers or NPCs. Sometimes, defeating these trainers or NPCs can result in receiving Rare Candies as a reward.
  3. Boss Pokemon: Rare Candies can also be obtained by defeating boss Pokemon. Boss Pokemon are stronger and rarer versions of regular Pokemon, and they drop valuable items, including Rare Candies, upon defeat.
  4. Fishing: You can fish for Rare Candies in Pixelmon. Obtain a fishing rod and cast it into bodies of water to catch Pokemon. Occasionally, you may reel in a Rare Candy instead of a Pokemon.
  5. PokeLoot: Some servers and modpacks have custom features like PokeLoot, where you can find Pokeballs and Rare Candies hidden in various locations around the world. Look for hidden chests or loot spots to find them.
  6. Villager Trading: On some Pixelmon servers, you can trade with custom NPC villagers who may offer Rare Candies as part of their trades. Check with the villagers in the towns you encounter.

Please note that the availability of Rare Candies and the ways to obtain them may vary depending on the specific Pixelmon mod version you are using and the server you are playing on. Be sure to check the documentation or rules of the server you are playing on for more information on how to obtain Rare Candies in that specific environment.

Additionally, since the Pixelmon mod may receive updates and changes, I recommend checking the latest resources, guides, or forums related to Pixelmon for any updates or modifications that may have been made to the mod since my last knowledge update in September 2021.