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how to make a spiral ribbon lei

Creating a spiral ribbon lei, also known as a spiral lei, is a beautiful and traditional Hawaiian craft often made to celebrate special occasions or give as a gift. These leis can be made with various ribbon colors and patterns, making them customizable for different events. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a spiral ribbon lei:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Ribbon: You’ll need at least two different colors or patterns of ribbon, each measuring around 12 inch in width and about 36 inches in length for a standard lei.
  2. Scissors: For cutting the ribbon.
  3. Ruler or Measuring Tape: To measure and cut the ribbon accurately.
  4. Masking Tape or Ribbon Clamps (optional): To hold the ends of the ribbon together while working.
  5. Needle and Thread (optional): For added stability and durability.


  1. Prepare Your Ribbons:
    • Cut your ribbon into strands, each approximately 36 inches long. You can use two different colors or patterns for a more visually appealing lei.
  2. Tie the Ribbon Ends Together:
    • Take the ends of two ribbons (one of each color) and tie them together in a tight knot, leaving a short tail (around 1-2 inches).
  3. Secure the Knot:
    • If desired, use a small piece of masking tape or a ribbon clamp to secure the knot.
  4. Create a Loop:
    • Hold the ribbons horizontally, with the knot at one end. Create a loop by twisting one ribbon over the other, forming a figure-eight shape.
  5. Continue Twisting:
    • Continue twisting one ribbon over the other while maintaining the loop shape. Each time you twist, the ribbons should cross over each other diagonally.
  6. Keep Twisting and Looping:
    • Repeat the twisting and looping process for the entire length of the ribbons. As you continue, the ribbons will spiral around each other, creating the lei’s spiral pattern.
  7. Adjust the Tension:
    • Be sure to keep the ribbons relatively taut as you work, but not so tight that they become difficult to twist.
  8. Finish and Secure the Ends:
    • When you reach the end of the ribbons, tie the ends together in a tight knot, leaving another short tail. Use masking tape or ribbon clamps to secure the knot if desired.
  9. Trim the Ends:
    • Trim any excess ribbon at the ends, leaving a small tail for a neat finish.
  10. Optional: Add a Clasp or Closure (if desired):
    • You can add a small clasp or jewelry closure to make the lei easier to put on and take off.

Your spiral ribbon lei is now complete and ready to be worn or gifted. These leis are a beautiful and meaningful addition to celebrations, graduations, weddings, and other special occasions. Customize the colors and patterns to match the theme of your event or the recipient’s preferences.