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how to make a tila bead bracelet

Creating a Tila bead bracelet is a fun and creative jewelry-making project. Tila beads are flat, square or rectangular-shaped beads with two holes, making them perfect for intricate and colorful designs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a basic Tila bead bracelet:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Tila Beads: Choose your favorite colors and patterns of Tila beads. You’ll need enough to fit your wrist size. Typically, you’ll need 20-30 beads for a bracelet.
  2. Seed Beads: These are small beads that complement the Tila beads. You can choose a matching or contrasting color to create a unique design.
  3. Beading Thread or Stretch Cord: Use a strong and flexible beading thread like nylon thread or stretch cord for easy wear. Ensure it’s suitable for the size of your beads.
  4. Beading Needle (optional): A beading needle can make threading easier, especially if you’re using small seed beads.
  5. Clasp or Closure (optional): You can use a clasp if you prefer a more secure closure for your bracelet.
  6. Scissors: For cutting the beading thread.
  7. Jewelry Glue (optional): To secure knots or add a drop of glue for extra durability.


  1. Measure and Cut the Thread:
    • Measure the beading thread to the desired bracelet length, typically around 7-8 inches for a standard wrist size. Add a few extra inches for tying knots.
  2. Thread the Needle (if using):
    • If you’re using a beading needle, thread it onto one end of the beading thread.
  3. Begin with the Center Bead:
    • Slide one Tila bead onto the thread and push it down to the center.
  4. Add Seed Beads:
    • To each side of the Tila bead, add one or two seed beads. These will act as spacers and create a pattern.
  5. Add More Tila Beads:
    • Slide another Tila bead onto the thread, and add one or two seed beads to each side. Continue this pattern until you’ve added enough beads to reach your desired bracelet length.
  6. Finish with the Center Bead:
    • After adding the last Tila bead, add a few seed beads to create symmetry. The number of seed beads should match the ones you added at the beginning.
  7. Create a Closure (optional):
    • If you’re using a clasp or closure, attach it to each end of the bracelet using jump rings or wire loops. Make sure it’s securely fastened.
  8. Tie Knots:
    • Tie several knots using both ends of the beading thread to secure the beads in place. You can add a drop of jewelry glue to the knots for extra security, but this step is optional.
  9. Trim Excess Thread:
    • Carefully trim any excess beading thread, leaving a small tail.
  10. Test the Fit:
    • Before finishing, try the bracelet on to ensure it fits comfortably. If necessary, you can adjust the length by adding or removing beads.
  11. Enjoy Your Tila Bead Bracelet:
    • Your Tila bead bracelet is now complete and ready to wear!

Feel free to get creative with your designs by mixing colors, patterns, and bead sizes. Tila bead bracelets can be customized to match your style, and they make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones.