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how to make a top gun costume

Creating a Top Gun costume is a great way to pay homage to the iconic movie. To make a Top Gun costume, you’ll need to replicate the look of the characters from the film, particularly Maverick and Goose. Here’s how to do it:

Materials You’ll Need:

For Maverick (Tom Cruise):

  1. Dark Green Flight Suit or Jumpsuit: You can find flight suits online or at military surplus stores. Ensure it fits you well.
  2. Aviator Sunglasses: Maverick is known for his iconic aviator sunglasses.
  3. Brown Belt: To wear over the flight suit.
  4. Black Combat Boots: High-top black combat boots complete the look.
  5. Top Gun Patch: Look for a Top Gun embroidered patch that you can sew onto the flight suit.
  6. Dog Tags: You can find replica dog tags online or at costume stores.
  7. Short Haircut: If your hair isn’t naturally short, consider a wig or styling your hair accordingly.

For Goose (Anthony Edwards):

  1. Dark Green Flight Suit or Jumpsuit: Same as Maverick.
  2. Aviator Sunglasses: Goose also wears aviator sunglasses.
  3. Brown Belt: Like Maverick, wear a brown belt over the flight suit.
  4. Black Combat Boots: High-top black combat boots, just like Maverick.
  5. Top Gun Patch: Sew on a Top Gun patch to match Maverick.
  6. Short Haircut: Goose has a shorter hairstyle.

Optional Accessories for Both:

  1. Pilot Helmet: If you want to go the extra mile, consider getting a pilot helmet. You can often find costume versions at costume stores or online.
  2. Toy Fighter Jet: Carrying a toy fighter jet can add a fun touch to your costume.


  1. Acquire the Clothing:
    • Find or purchase a dark green flight suit or jumpsuit for your Maverick or Goose costume.
  2. Accessorize:
    • Add the brown belt and aviator sunglasses to complete the outfit.
  3. Add Patches:
    • Sew on the Top Gun patch to the right chest area of the flight suit.
  4. Footwear:
    • Wear the black combat boots.
  5. Hair and Wig:
    • Style your hair or wear a wig to match the character’s hairstyle. For Maverick, it’s short and spiky, and for Goose, it’s a shorter, more conservative cut.
  6. Dog Tags (Optional):
    • If you choose to wear dog tags, put them on a chain around your neck.
  7. Helmet and Toy Fighter Jet (Optional):
    • If you have a pilot helmet and a toy fighter jet, carry them for added authenticity.
  8. Confidence:
    • Finally, embody the confidence and charisma of your chosen character. Walk and talk like Maverick or Goose to complete the look.

Remember to have fun and stay in character when you’re wearing your Top Gun costume. It’s a classic and recognizable choice that’s perfect for costume parties, themed events, or Halloween.