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how to make a traxxas 12t motor faster

Making a Traxxas 12T motor faster involves a few modifications and adjustments to improve its performance. Here are some steps you can take to achieve this:

  1. Check the Gear Ratio:
    • Ensure that the gear ratio in your RC car is appropriate for the Traxxas 12T motor. You may need to experiment with different gear ratios to find the right balance between speed and torque.
  2. Upgrade the Battery:
    • Using a higher-voltage battery can increase the power and speed of your RC car. Make sure the battery is compatible with your car and motor.
  3. Install a Brushless Motor:
    • Consider upgrading to a brushless motor, which generally offers better performance and speed compared to brushed motors like the Traxxas 12T. Brushless motors are more efficient and can provide higher RPMs (revolutions per minute).
  4. Adjust the Timing:
    • Brushed motors like the Traxxas 12T may have adjustable timing. Experimenting with timing adjustments can improve motor performance. Consult your motor’s manual for guidance on how to do this.
  5. Upgrade the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller):
    • A high-quality ESC can enhance the performance of your motor. Look for an ESC that is compatible with both your motor and battery.
  6. Reduce Weight:
    • Reducing the overall weight of your RC car can improve its speed. Remove any unnecessary accessories or parts that add weight without contributing to performance.
  7. Improve Aerodynamics:
    • Enhance the aerodynamics of your RC car by adding a lightweight, low-profile body. This can reduce drag and improve speed.
  8. Tire Selection:
    • Choose tires that are designed for speed and grip. Tires with a low-profile design and a harder compound can provide better speed on smooth surfaces.
  9. Regular Maintenance:
    • Keep your motor and drivetrain well-maintained. Clean and lubricate the gears and bearings regularly to reduce friction and improve efficiency.
  10. Practice and Driving Skills:
    • Your driving skills can also have a significant impact on your RC car’s speed. Practice controlling your vehicle, learn how to take corners smoothly, and optimize your driving technique.

Remember that while these modifications can help make your Traxxas 12T motor faster, there may be limitations to how much speed you can achieve with this specific motor. If you’re looking for even higher speeds, you may want to consider upgrading to a more powerful motor or exploring other options within the Traxxas product line. Additionally, always follow safety guidelines and local regulations when operating RC vehicles.