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how to make a waffle costume

Creating a waffle costume can be a fun and creative DIY project. To make a waffle costume, you’ll need some basic materials and sewing skills. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Beige or Light Brown Fabric: Choose a fabric that resembles the color of a waffle. Fleece, felt, or cotton can work well.
  2. Polyester Fiberfill or Foam: This will be used to stuff the waffle squares to give them a 3D appearance.
  3. Sewing Machine and Supplies: You’ll need a sewing machine, thread, pins, and scissors.
  4. Velcro or Snap Fasteners: These will be used for closures.
  5. Brown Fabric Paint or Fabric Marker: To add the waffle grid pattern.
  6. Wide Brown Ribbon or Bias Tape: This will serve as the syrup drizzle.
  7. Brown Headband: To create the syrup bottle headpiece.


1. Create the Waffle Squares:

  • Cut your beigelight brown fabric into two large square pieces of the same size, one for the front and one for the back of the waffle.
  • On one of the fabric squares, use a fabric marker or paint to draw a grid pattern that resembles waffle squares. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • Place the two fabric squares together with the painted side facing inwards, and pin them together.
  • Sew around three sides of the squares, leaving one side open.
  • Turn the fabric right side out through the open side.
  • Stuff each waffle square with polyester fiberfill or foam to create a 3D appearance. Make sure to stuff them evenly.
  • Hand-sew the open side closed.

2. Create the Syrup Drizzle:

  • Take your wide brown ribbon or bias tape and cut it into a wavy, curvy shape to resemble syrup drizzling over the waffle. You can use fabric glue or hand-sew it onto the waffle fabric.

3. Create the Syrup Bottle Headpiece:

  • Take a brown headband and attach a small bottle or container (like an empty plastic syrup bottle) upside down using hot glue or strong adhesive. This will serve as the syrup bottle on your headpiece.
  • Decorate the “syrup bottle” with brown fabric paint to make it look like it’s dripping syrup.

4. Assemble the Costume:

  • Put on a brown or neutral-colored outfit to serve as the base for your waffle costume.
  • Wear the waffle square as a front and back piece, attaching them together at the shoulders using Velcro or snap fasteners.
  • Secure the syrup bottle headpiece to your head with bobby pins or additional headbands if needed.

5. Finishing Touches:

  • Optionally, you can wear brown or tan leggings or tights to complete the look.

That’s it! You’ve now created a homemade waffle costume. This costume is not only unique but also a tasty treat for the eyes. Enjoy your Halloween or costume party as a delicious waffle!