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Pacecourt’s Expertise in Exterior Basketball Court Surfaces

Pacecourt, a renowned name with over 11 years of experience in sports flooring, specializes in providing top-quality materials for exterior basketball courts. Their global presence, expertise in the field, and a strong network of over 200 dealers make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to build a basketball synthetic court.

Premium Basketball Flooring Solutions

Pacecourt’s range of basketball flooring is specifically designed to endure the rigors of outdoor environments. Their flooring solutions cater to the unique demands of basketball, offering surfaces that are durable, safe, and performance-enhancing.

  • Durability: Pacecourt’s basketball court surfaces are crafted to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting quality.
  • Safety: The surfaces provide excellent traction and cushioning, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing the safety of players.
  • Performance: Designed for optimal ball bounce and player movement, these surfaces contribute to an enhanced gaming experience.

Customization and Installation Support

  • Customization: Pacecourt offers a variety of color options for their basketball court surfaces, allowing clients to personalize their courts to their preferences or team colors.
  • Installation Network: While Pacecourt does not directly install courts, they connect clients with experienced basketball court builders through their extensive dealer network. This ensures professional installation and optimal court performance.

Basketball Synthetic Court Materials

Pacecourt provides a range of materials essential for constructing a high-quality exterior basketball court:

  • Pacecourt Concrete Primer: Priced at Rs. 150/Kgs, it’s crucial for preparing the base of the court.
  • Pacecourt Acrylic Resurfacer: At Rs. 128/Kgs, this provides a smooth and even playing surface.
  • Pacecourt Cushion Coat: Also at Rs. 128/Kgs, it adds comfort and shock absorption to the court.
  • Pacecourt Acrylic Color: Priced v  at Rs. 168/Kgs, it gives the court its final appearance.
  • Pacecourt Line Marking: At Rs. 199/Kgs, this is used for clear and lasting court markings.
  • Pacecourt Silica Sand: Offered at Rs. 12/kgs, it enhances the grip and safety of the surface.


For those looking to build an exterior basketball court, Pacecourt offers a comprehensive solution with high-quality basketball flooring and a wide range of materials. Their global expertise, coupled with the support of a robust dealer network, ensures that clients receive not only the best products but also professional guidance and installation services. With Pacecourt, basketball court builders can expect to create courts that are not only visually appealing but also meet the highest standards of playability and safety.